Book Review: Judy Blume: Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Chapter 1

Peter gets a turtle and his mom is very mean about it.

Chapter 2

Mr. and Mrs. juicio come to peters house. Mrs. juicio brings a gift that peter already has and when she finds out that he already has it she gets mad.

Chapter 3

Fudge decides not to eat after peter learned to stand on his head. Peter’s mom wanted peter to stand on his head because that got fudge to laugh so peters mom could food in fudges mouth and peter said no.

Chapter 4

Peter goes to the park with jimmy Fargo and Sheila, a mean girl in peters class, is at the park. Peter’s mom comes to the park with fudge. Peter’s mom asks Sheila to watch fudge and asks peter and jimmy to help. While they’re not looking fudge goes to the jungle gym and tries to fly. fudge falls and loses his top front teeth.

We’ve been introduced to:
Peter’s mom
Peter’s dad
Jimmy Fargo
Peters Grandma

My Opinion
I can’t really tell because I only read chapters 1,2,3,and 4 but so far I think it’s booooooooooring.

One thought on “Book Review: Judy Blume: Tales of a fourth grade nothing”

  1. Oh no! You are finding the book “booooooooring”?!

    What makes you describe it as such? Think about a book you really loved reading…what made it not “boooooooring”?

    Do you know what is not boooooooring, but super exciting? Capital letters and apostrophes! Your could totally have an amazing adventure and edit this blog post to add some these where needed? Doesn’t that sound SUPER FUN?!

    Keep up the great work!


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