I am writing a blog post about reflection.

Here are 2 facts I learnt in class about reflection:

  •  reflection is when light bounces off an object.
  •   you see things because light reflects off the objects and into your eyes.

In class, we did an experiment to investigate reflecting. The experiment was called reflecting light. Here is step by step instruction of what we did.

  1.  Take a mirror & an index card. draw a bull’s eye in the exact middle.
  2.  Take a flashlight & some modelling clay.
  3. Here is a video of me doing the experiment.

One thought on “Science”

  1. Hi Isabella,
    That is so cool I remember in my old school I did a project like that. It was so cool to see how I aimed the flashlight the other way and the light reflected and hit the target which was behind the flashlight

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