What’s The Matter Project

This is my canva


What we had to do for the what’s the matter project is we each choose a type of pollution and write a blog or video about it. What I chose was plastic pollution. I chose to do plastic pollution because it is killing ocean life. Some animals are even going extinct because they are suffocating in plastic. The link at the top is the video that I made about plastic pollution.

My topic was plastic pollution. In the video I added things like what are the positive and negative implications and what you can do  to help. I also made a save the planet poster. Here is picture.

What I like the best about my canva video is all the ways you can help. I hope some of you look into some more ways you can help stop plastic pollution. If I could have done it differently I would try to make room for all of the negative implications instead of saying “ and more”. What I enjoyed the most about this project is I got to learn more about ways that I can help stop pollution. In conclusion this project was a great way to learn more about pollution.