Innovation day 2024

Innovation day was amazing, I got to see everyone work and show off some of my own. We were told to design a structure for an animal of our choosing making sure it can withstand certain forces and that the animal has freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from pain or disease, freedom from fear and distress, and freedom to express the normal behaviors of that animal. We used an app called CoSpaces to create and design a model of the structure.

When starting this project I was excited to start coding and showing off my CoSpace, but I was a bit nervous about the presentation and I didn’t really know what to say. Because I knew I struggle with presentation and talking, I decided to code a grasshopper that would do the talking for me and take the judges on a tour around the model. I also made a video ad because we were selling the judges our structure. I enjoyed the coding but was kind of frustrated because a lot of the judges, parents, and even kids, got stuck trying to get up the stairs and some of the parents and kids left halfway through. This made it even more difficult because I had to go into settings and manually take it out of guided access just to restart, whereas if they finished it, it would automatically restart and we could start showing the next person. This helped me figure out different ways to help them while making sure it was still them going through it, not just me. Something I would do differently next time is present more of it myself so that it’s more engaging for the judges.

Here is a video of what I imagined the tour of the CoSpaces would look like:

In the end, I really enjoyed this year’s Innovation Day project, and I’m sure next year will be even better.

S.M.A.R.T. goals

My S.M.A.R.T. goal is… Two practical steps I can take to achieve this goal are…
I want to get 100% on at least 1 hebrew quiz and test and at least 80% on at least 2.
  • Study
  • practice
I want to get at least  90% on at least 1 math quiz and test and at least 80% on at least 2.
  • Study
  • practice
Create a sketchbook character by Next year
  • Research
  • Sketch
Sketch a comic by the end of the school year
  • Write up
  • Outline

Les résolutions pour la nouvelle année


  1. Avoir ma bat mitzvah
  2. Etudier la langue des signes
  3. Etudier le hébreue
  4. Apprendre à mieux esquisser
  5. Etudier la mathématique
  6. Peinture plus

“Personne ne peut pas fair ca eau, alors ils essaient dire a vous ne peut pas” J’ai trouvée une exemple ou une voiture tombée alors il vendre ça pour 500 dollars. Le personne qui il vendre ca a offrire a reparer ca pour leur, mais le vendeur dire c’est impossible. Alors il achètent voiture et fixe ca just devant lui.


“People can’t it  themselves so they try to tell you that you can’t do it” I found an example of this where a car broke down so the owner sold it for $500. The person they sold it to offered to fix the car for him, but the seller said it was impossible. So he bought the car and fixed it right in front of the seller. So the next time someone tells you something is impossible, don’t take their word for it.





Innovation day reflection

For innovation day we all researched electricity and made games with circuits. Before I started the innovation day project I was nervous because I didn’t understand circuits at all and we had to present in front of judges but I was excited to learn about circuits and electricity. 


For the project I went to a coffee shop with my dad because he is an electrician so we were basically doing a project about his job. After I did that I was surprised to realize that this isn’t actually that hard like I thought it would be and I wasn’t as nervous. 


For workspaces i found it was easier to make the game at home because at school i was constantly looking for resources whereas at home we already had a recycling bin full of stuff and we could always buy stuff if we didn’t have, but it was easier to research at school because at school there where quiet spaces were i could work whereas at home my parents kept thinking i was playing video games and i kept having to tell them i was doing work for school. 


One of the hardest things in the project was just starting. When you’re starting you can basically write anything but once you write something it narrows down what to write for everything else and makes it a little easier. I also had trouble thinking of a game but that was just because I blanked when trying to think of one. I think I need to learn how to work better with what I have and I think I improved a lot with managing my time. If i could redo it i think i would put more effort into my game because we were told not to spend all our time on the game but i spent like no time on the game.


When I presented it to my parents and the judges I felt kind of nervous but afterwards I thought I did pretty well and when I saw my score I was pretty happy with it. I think I did well overall and I got a good mark. I feel good about my project and that is my reflection. Here is the link to some pictures.

My family project

We did a project where we wrote made presentation about our family history. The purpose of the assignment was to learn about your family history. One thing i learned from this assignment was that my whole family is from canada. The assignment was to make a presentation about your family history. If i did it again i would try to add more about were the my last name came from.

My structure

In class we had to make a structure that could stand up to a natural disaster of our choice. Of course it was out of wood and popsicle sticks and it did not have to stand up to a real natural disaster, just a fake version of the natural disaster that we choose. i chose to build a bridge and have it stand up against a flood. i learned that you cant always test everything ahed of time.


For my project i used popsicle sticks, hot glue, a plastic container,  and wood. the wood was the supports, the hot glue was what held it all together, and the popsicle sticks were the bridge its self. the plastic container is what the project is in. what i used to make sure the “flood” doesn’t cover the bridge is i made the supports and the bridge really high off the ground.