Legend Writing

Once upon a time, there was a city, a city where women were not allowed to do… well… pretty much anything. They weren’t allowed to read. They weren’t allowed to write. They weren’t allowed to go to school. And they weren’t allowed to get jobs that didn’t have to do with chores. On the bright side, at least they were allowed to own a pet. But other than that, all they were allowed to do was chores.


A girl liked to sew. So she got a job of helping sew loose buttons on people’s shirts. The girl’s name was Gabriella. Gabriella had a bunny named Bungee. Bungee was no ordinary bunny, and Bungee knew that. So did Gabriella. Well, it’s kind of obvious if you have lightning shooting out of your ears. But what neither of them knew was that Bungee was the daughter of the god of the bunnies.


Sophie Foster was Gabriella’s best friend. Sophie loved to read. But women weren’t allowed to read. So she had to steal a book from her brother’s bookshelf and put it back afterwards. Every night she would take a book, sit beside her hamster, Fuzzball and read. Fuzzball was no ordinary hamster and Fuzzball knew that. So did Sophie. Well, it’s kind of obvious if you have super strong teeth. But what neither of them knew was that Fuzzball was the daughter of the god of hamsters. If a family member came into Sophie’s room while she was reading, she would tuck the book under a loose tile on her floor. 


One day an inspector came in the house to look around and went into Sophie’s room and accidentally tripped on the loose tile and found her book. The inspector told the president’s messenger. They knew Sophie would tell her best friend everything so they questioned Gabriella. 

Gabriella said that Sophie never read any books so they pressed a gun to her neck which made her admit that Sophie did read books.  

Sophie was taken to a forest with Gabriella where people tied them up and put them in a cage. 

They secretly had Bungee and Fuzzball with them. Bungee and Fuzzball jumped out of their pockets just before they went inside their cage with the rope.  


Fuzzball tried to chew through the rope, but couldn’t get through the cage. Bungee could get through the cage using her lightening ears, but she couldn’t get through the rope. So they took that knowledge and turned it into a plan. Working together,  Bungee broke through the cage, and Fuzzball chewed through the rope. They got through and the girls were free. 


People learned that women are strong and should have rights. Now women are allowed to do the stuff they couldn’t do before.